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Epicor 客户支持

由备受好评的 EpicCare 提供技术支持

Epicor Support Services Coverage Statement

Epicor is committed to providing exceptional service in all respects and to ensure that each of our customers is provided with uninterrupted protection during unanticipated events which may affect their business. Part of this promise includes Epicor support services which are provided through service centers located around the world. We have designed these service centers strategically, allowing us to provide overlapping coverage with no disruption in support in the unlikely event of a local outage, whether your service is on-premises or in the cloud. Additionally, Epicor’s online support portal, EpicCare, which is hosted in the cloud, includes built-in failover capabilities which enables our support services to be available 24/7, regardless of an unanticipated local outage.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your Customer Account Manager or email


在当今“万物皆快”的世界里,时机至关重要。这正是 Epicor 支持提供快速响应体验的原因。600 多名行业专业知识深厚的支持分析师拥有平均六年的经验。这些 Epicor 员工为客户谋取利益,并负责通过 EpicCare 支持门户在我们的 12 个全球支持中心查看 30 种语言的案例从提交到解决的过程。

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600 多名具有行业专业知识的 Epicor 终身职位支持分析师遍布全球各地。


EpicCare 支持门户全天候开放,让您能够随时获得有用的信息和资源。



“EpicCare 一直都很出色 - 非常易于使用,所以在记录案例的几分钟内…我就能收到回复。”

Brian Shirk
首席资讯官,LB Water

“有很多次,我获得的支持都大大超乎了我的预料...我在 30 分钟内就收到了所需要的回复。我本来以为会等待几个小时。”

George Amrhein
ERP 管理员,Astec Industries


Will Dunn
区域副总裁,Standard Supply