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Leading Chinese Mechanical Component Supplier Chooses Epicor ERP to Support Global Growth

Established in 1961, Bi-Link is a global mechanical component supplier that offers prototyping, metal stamping, injection molding, and assembly services for the communications, medical, and automobile industries. Bi-Link has a global footprint across North America, Europe, and Asia, and is headquartered in Illinois, USA.

With two offices and 1,200 employees, China is one of the most important regions for the company. It has the biggest facility, accounting for 70% of overall revenue in the 2015 fiscal year. Bi-Link has operated in China since 2000 and continues to see growth in its overall business.

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"The Epicor ERP system enables effective and efficient cross-office collaboration because it supports both English and Chinese. Employees in our Chinese office and our headquarters in the U.S. can work together much better, easily sharing reports and streamlining processes."

Salvador Ayala, IT Director
Company Facts
  • Location: China, USA, Mexico
  • Industry: Mechanical component supplier
  • Website: www.bi-link.com

  • Old system was no longer able to support the business growth
  • Urgently needed a new industry-specific ERP system that could be integrated with the company's business processes to help them improve operational efficiency
  • Needed a system with capabilities to handle global manufacturing including China, USA, and Mexico
  • Needed a system with low total cost of ownership (TCO) that could add value fast

  • Epicor ERP

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved understanding of manufacturing costs
  • Improved collaboration across global branch offices
  • Improved visibility across the supply chain

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Epicor ERP-the ideal tool for growth

As the business grew in China, Bi-Link found that their old enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (Kingdee) was no longer able to support their growth plans, so they started to look for a replacement. Their choice was Epicor ERP-a decision based on its globally recognized reputation, level of local support, and-most importantly-the confidence that it would enable Bi-Link to reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as integration across sites.

Epicor ERP went live after a nine-month implementation process-a relatively short time for such a large project. “The Epicor team in China helped a lot during the implementation. They are very knowledgeable, and went through potential modelling scenarios to help illustrate how the software will be used on our sites. They also have a dedicated project manager that was working closely with us and helping us with the internal training,” says Salvador Ayala, IT director for Bi-Link.

A new level of integration

One year after implementation, Bi-Link is impressed by the capabilities in the Epicor ERP system.

Ayala comments, “The Epicor ERP solution is highly integrated, and provides a variety of functions that we can take advantage of. It has helped us reduce our costs and improve operational efficiency. For example, where we previously had to rely on an additional third-party manufacturing execution system, this is now integrated into the Epicor ERP system.“

“The Epicor ERP system enables effective and efficient cross-office collaboration because it supports both English and Chinese. Employees in our Chinese office and our headquarters in the U.S. can work together much better, easily sharing reports and streamlining processes.”

“We love the inventory function,” Ayala adds, “as it enables us to keep track of the movements of parts across the production line, from raw material to stock. Every movement is visible-we can identify mistakes immediately and ensure that the right person is there to solve the issue quickly.”

Growing together

Satisfied with the business benefits the Epicor ERP solution has provided them, Bi-Link believes there are further opportunities to continue to grow together with Epicor. The company is now in the procress of upgrading to the latest version of the Epicor ERP software, which contains a selection of more advanced functionality. Meanwhile, the company has plans to adopt new functionality, such as the Epicor Mattec MES system, in the next year.

“The Mattec system will help us increase access to real-time manufacturing information, which can then be used to improve plant productivity, reduce machine downtime, and help us to continue to reduce inventory and labor costs,” concludes Ayala.

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